colored vests

Colored vests are available for rent to differentiate your teams! 


Different sizes available for kids/adults.

Minimum of 4 vest rental required.


(Rent it alone or as part of a package)



Cool photo backdrop for your picture! 


Want to feel like a professional soccer player? Take your picture, give an interview... paparazzi everywhere!



(Rent it alone or as part of a package)


Do you have an event at a park or somewhere where there are no outlets?

Do not worry... We can help you!


Rent one of our generators and let the party continue . 


extension cord

You don't have an electrical outlet close to where you plan to set up our inflatable or concession stand?  

Can't seem to find an extension cord long enough to span the necessary length?

We have 25' and 50' extension cords available upon request.



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