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human foosball

Whether you are a soccer player or not, everyone can enjoy this one!!! But you will need to work in teams to beat the opposition!!!

(Rent it alone or as part of a package)


23 feet x 16.5 feet    /    7 meters x 5 meters

Maximum Capacity: 12 people

Soccer Darts

Think you can aim? Here is your chance to prove it to all your friends!!! Shoot these balls and hit the bulls-eye!!



12 ft x 10 ft high / 4 meters x 3 meters high

Maximum Capacity: 2 kickers at a time (unlimited participants)

(Rent it alone or as part of a package)

mini arena

Perfect for kids to play

3 v 3 or even 4 v 4. Just make your teams and get the game started!


33 feet x 16.5 feet    /    10 meters x 5 meters

Maximum Capacity: 8 kids


(Rent it alone or as part of a package)

Soccer Pool

Here is a challenge... Play pool using your feet!!! WHAT?

Yes! you can kick these pool soccer balls directly into the pockets. Complete the challenge today!!!


25.5 feet x 16 feet    /    7.8 meters x 4.8 meters

Maximum Capacity: 4 people


(Rent it alone or as part of a package)

Bubble soccer

Dress up in a bubble and play soccer!! Is that possible? Try it out! But get ready 'cause there will be a lot of bumping around!


4 or 5 feet diameter    /    1.2 or 1.5 meters diameter

Maximum Capacity: 1 per bubble (6 bubbles included. More Bubbles Available)

(Rent it alone or as part of a package)

big arena

Big enough for adults to play 4 v 4! Are you ready for a small Tournament? Rent it alone or you can rent it in a package and play bubble soccer inside the Arena.


50 feet x 26 feet    /    15 meters x 8 meters

Maximum Capacity: 8 people

(Rent it alone or as part of a package)

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